Quick Facts

72 million

Children live in poverty with no hope of getting an education or a job to lift themselves out of poverty without our help.

$15 billion

Will provide primary education to every child around the world for 1 year period.

Sound Like A Lot?

We spent twice that in the U.S last year on ice-cream.

We Have The Resources

We simply have lacked the collective will to do it -- until now...

The Unstoppable Foundation is igniting a social movement of people who are committed to ensuring that every child receives an education and empower individuals with the tools and the platform to raise money and be a part of the solution.

Sponsor a Village

Education is more than reading, writing, and arithmetic. Sponsor a Village – The Unstoppable Solution for Sustainable Education™ is based on the 5-Pillar development model that incorporates everything crucial to lifting communities from poverty and removing obstacles to educating children.

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Individually or with your group, sponsor an entire village and make a lasting difference in the lives of 350 children and their families for generations to come.

Want to totally impact an ENTIRE community?

A Right To Learn

Education is a basic human right. Whether you’re an individual or part of an organization, you can turn your birthday, holiday or any day into a fundraiser. It’s easy to create a campaign and invite your friends, family and colleagues to be a part of ensuring every child has A Right to Learn and eliminate extreme poverty.

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Strategic Philanthropy

goal Strategic philanthropy is not only good for the world, it’s good for business.

The Unstoppable Foundation provides turn-key programs to enable organizations to help eradicate extreme poverty through education and do well by doing good. In doing so, not only are children and entire communities uplifted out of extreme poverty but our partner’s businesses have also been transformed in the process resulting in record-breaking sales, customer turning into advocates and their entire organization experiencing a renewed passion and purpose for their own business.

Learn how to leverage THE business trend of this decade and increase sales and profitability by being a force for good.

Transform Your Next Event

confrance Bring Cynthia Kersey to speak and transform your next event by creating a legacy and a lasting difference in the lives of 350 children and their families AND deliver immediately actionable content, increase sales and participant engagement.